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Thursday, November 10, 2016

China to establish 2,000 campsites for cars by 2020

(Xinhua) China will establish 2,000 vehicle campsites by 2020, due to the increasing popularity of people opting for road travel.

The National Tourism Administration and 10 ministerial departments issued guidelines on Wednesday, calling for the development of car camping areas as a way of boosting domestic tourism industry.
C hina aims to develop destinations that are suitable for road trips, introduce dozens of routes for road travel and build 2,000 campsites for cars by 2020, according to the guidelines.
Road trips have gained popularity in recent years due to higher car ownership and toll-free roads during holidays.
The number of tourists taking road trips reached 2.34 billion last year, accounting for 58.5 percent of total tourist journeys.
Caravan tourism has also developed at a staggering speed over the past two years with an annual growth of 85 percent.
Source: Xinhua

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