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Why travel to China?

china_2_300The question is not why travel to China, but why not? No other global destination offers so much value for such affordability! The exotic beauty of China
and its geographic diversity coupled with luxury, comfort and safety offer the modern-day Marco Polo travel packed with adventure, excitement, something new and different, and an unforgettable experience, which is like no other destination in the world!
China is one of the hottest travel destinations of the new millennium! Besides all of the benefits, which are included in each travel package, the traveler has the opportunity to experience something, which is unique and completely different than travel to other global destinations. China is home to one of the Eight Wonders of the World, a land of history, ancient landmarks nestled in the midst of modern and sophisticated cities, and a country with cultural and geographic diversity, which offers appeal and activities to suit the preference of every traveler. There is something for the first-time to the seasoned traveler.

PTS travel packages and service to China offers unbeatable prices with unmatched value! We are with you every step of the way.

Before you depart, we are with you

To China Guide
Assisting you to plan your tour
Whether you are traveling to China via a standard or custom tour, PTS tour consultants will assist you in which tour to take, customizing your tour to fit your needs and budget , and will walk you through the process to make certain that you are well prepared for your trip. Whether your travel to China requires air line tickets, hotel reservations, a partial tour (land only) or the entire tour package, we are here to provide our consultation and services.
Booking and confirming your flight
PTS will book your flight via the best-rated international airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Japan Air Lines, United Airlines, and Northwest Airlines. Most tours are booked with Air China and China Eastern Airlines, which offer the most affordable rates. However, if you prefer other airlines, PTS will book the reservations, keeping in mind the best rates for you. PTS will also make the necessary confirmations for you.

Preparing you for your adventure
PTS will provide you with all of necessary information, which you will require to take your trip to China. In addition, PTS can provide you with additional travel insurance coverage plans, and the processing of your visa, albeit on a group or individual basis. Rather than having to take the time and go through the ¡¡¡Óred tape¡¨ to process your visa, PTS will make the necessary arrangement for obtaining your visa for a nominal fee.

While you are in China

china300Before you depart on your trip, PTS will make the necessary reservations for your stay in China. Room reservations are made at either five-star or four-star modern, new hotels, which offer the traveler full amenities, and which are included in the price of a tour. Selection of the hotel will be made according to your preference.

Meals are included in each tour. American breakfasts are served at the hotels. Lunches and dinners are served at local restaurants to afford the traveler the opportunity to sample the cuisine of the Province. Each Province in China offers cuisine, which includes specialties of the region, and which are prepared in a fashion which is unique to the region. Special dinners and dinner shows are offered as part of the tour package to treat the visitor to a very special and sumptuous banquet. For the traveler, who wishes to dine on food other than Chinese, the hotels offer American, European, Japanese and Korean cuisine. American restaurants are present in any of the major cities in China. Such meals are not included in the tour package.

Transportation between long distance destinations is provided via China¡¦s domestic airlines, which offer excellent, safe, and timely service. Transportation between attractions and transfers is provided via modern, deluxe coach with full amenities. Deluxe coaches are maintained with regularity to provide clean, comfortable and safe travel. If the tour encompasses a cruise, transportation is provided on luxury state-of-the art ships with full amenities. Transportation is included in each tour at no extra charge.

Each tour is escorted by a professional bilingual guide. Our guides are fully versed in English and Chinese, and will be there to answer any questions you may have, provide assistance to you in finding what you need, and impart insight in the local way of life, thus making your trip an adventure and learning experience. Guides are inclusive in every tour package at no extra charge.

Whether you travel to one or more cities, your tour will include the best sites to see and the most enjoyable things to do. China offers the visitor so much to see and experience no matter where you may venture to in China. Each historical and ancient site depicts a different aspect of Chinese history and way of life. For instance, there is the Great Wall, the Forbidden City (palatial city-within-a-city), the Summer Palace, the Tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang and his world famous terra cotta army, the Yangtze River and Three Gorges, enchanting and magnificent Guilin, the Silk Route, and many other sites to see. When one travels through China, one experiences 5000 years of history, culture and civilization. You will also have the wonderful experience of seeing the new, progressive, and modern China, which offers modernity with the exotic flare that is uniquely Chinese, night life and shopping, which parallels any global metropolis. All attractions are included in every tour package at no extra charge.

China travel insurance coverage up to $30,000US is required by the Chinese government, and is included in each tour package. Should you wish additional coverage, PTS will provide you with various supplemental plans, which are very affordably priced.

China is one of the safest travel destinations in the world. Crime is unheard of in China. The people of China welcome visitors to their country. You will find that they are friendly, hospitable, polite, and more than willing to offer their personal assistance to you.


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