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China Hotels

We use a range of hotels within China, but our preferred choices are a selection of good 4- and 5-star hotels that are generally recognized as among the best in their class in each city. Listed here are some of those in the most popularly visited cities. Other similar hotels may be substituted.
For those seeking something different, we can also offer more individual and character accommodation in China, often reflecting local traditions or historical styles. These are highlighted as 'character hotels' in the list below.

5* Lijingwan International Hotel
Shilipu Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing; tel: 010-85858888
Our opinion: New 5-star hotel with good quality rooms and facilities
4* Sunworld Hotel
88 Dengshikou Street, Beijing; tel: 010-58168999
Our opinion: Good standard 4-star hotel in central location in Wangfujing
5* Cote Cour Hotel SL Character hotel
70 Yanyue Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing, tel: 010-6512-802
Our opinion: Deluxe boutique hotel of only 14 rooms set in courtyard 'siheyuan' house in the 'hutongs' and an intriguing mix of modern and antique style.
4* Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel Character hotel
37 Dongsisitiao, Beijing; tel: 010-64007762
Our opinion: A stylish courtyard hotel, with well furnished and equipped rooms in traditional style.

5* Ramada Plaza Gateway Hotel
327 Tianyaoqiao Road, Shanghai; tel: 021-633632222
Our opinion: Modern 5-star hotel in the southern Xuhui district.
4* Ramada Zhabei Hotel
666 Gonghexin Road, Shanghai; tel: 021-56721188
Our opinion: Reliable 4-star hotel in north of the city.
5* URBN HotelCharacter hotel
183 Jiaozhou Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai; tel: 021-51534600
Our opinion: Stylish luxury modernist boutique hotel with eco-friendly "green" credentials.
4* New Westlake HotelCharacter hotel
22 Lane 133, Mao Ming South Road, Shanghai; tel: 021-54655888
Our opinion: Excellent value boutique hotel in the heart of the former French Concession.
4* Ruijin Guesthouse Character hotel
118 Rui Jin 2 Road, Shanghai; tel: 021-64725222
Our opinion: English mock Tudor country-house style from 1920s Shanghai set in beautiful gardens in the former French concession.
3* Old House Inn Character hotel
Huashan Lu Lane 351, Shanghai; tel: 021-62486118
Our opinion: Small boutique hotel in 1930s villa in lane in former French Concession giving a flavour of old Shanghai.
3* Astor House Hotel Character hotel
15 Huangpu Road Shanghai; tel: 021-63246388
Our opinion: Shanghai's first Western-style hotel, with the current buildings dating from the early 20th century. Full of atmosphere and character.

5* Sofitel on Renmin Square
319 Dongxin Street, Xi'an; tel: 029-87928228
Our opinion: Xi'an's top central 5-star hotel, the first to reach the 5-star 'platinum' standard.
5* Titan Times Hotel
360 West Huangcheng Road, Xi'an; tel: 029-88626666
Our opinion: Good value 5-star hotel near to city walls.
5* Grand Noble Hotel
334 East Street, Xi'an; tel: 029-887690000
Our opinion: Good 5-star hotel in city centre.
4* Grand New World Hotel
172 Lianhu Street, Xi'an; tel: 029-87218686
Our opinion: Xi'an's best 4-star option, within the city walls.

5* Sheraton Guilin Hotel
15 Bin Jiang Road, Guilin; tel: 0773-2825588
Our opinion: Good Western-managed hotel, set by the Li River.
4* Bravo Hotel
15 Ronghu Nan Lu, Guilin; tel: 0773-2823950
Our opinion: Favourite choice on edge of old town overlooking one of the lakes.
5* Green Lotus Hotel
1 Guanlian Road, Yangshuo; tel: 0773-8886666
Our opinion: Yangshuo's premier choice for hotel.
3* Magnolia Inn
7 Die-Cui Road, Yangshuo; tel: 0773-8819288
Our opinion: Simple boutique hotel mixing traditional elements and style with friendly service

5* Sofitel Wanda Chengdu Hotel
15 Binjiang Middle Road, Chengdu; tel: 028-66669999
Our opinion: Deluxe centrally located hotel on the banks of the Funan River.
4* Tianfu Sunshine Hotel
2 Taisheng North Road, Chengdu; tel: 028-86922233
Our opinion: Good quality 4-star option

5* Sofitel Suzhou Hotel
818 East Ganjiang Road, Suzhou; tel: (0512) 68019888
Our opinion: Modern international hotel incorporating shopping mall in the heart of Suzhou.
5* Nanlin Hotel
Shiquan Street, Suzhou; tel: 0512-68017888
Our opinion: Luxury 5-star wing of 3-star hotel set around gardens within easy walking distance of main sights.
4* Holiday Inn Youlian Hotel
99 Jiefang Road, Suzhou; tel: 0512-68118888
Our opinion: Modern 4-star hotel in south-west of the city.
4* Pingjiang Lodge Character hotel
33 Liu Jia Xiang, Ping Jiang Qu, Suzhou; tel: 0512-65233888
Our opinion: Character hotel formed from a series of courtyards once the home of a wealthy family, and furnished in traditional antique Chinese style.

5* Sofitel Westlake Hotel
333 West Lake Avenue, Hangzhou; tel: 0571-87075868
Our opinion: Elegant luxury hotel on the shores of Hangzhou's West Lake.
5* Ramada Plaza Haihua Hotel
298 Qing Chun Road, Hangzhou; tel: 0571-7215888
Our opinion: Well-located mid-range choice in Hangzhou, near to lake and commercial centre.

5* Hilton Sanya Resort and Spa
Yalong Bay National Resort District, Sanya, Hainan Island; tel: 0898-88588888
Our opinion: One of the best of the beach resorts on Yalong Bay, Sanya's best beach.
5* Mangrove Tree Resort
Yalong Bay National Resort District, Sanya, Hainan Island; tel: 0898-88558888
Our opinion:Another good Yalong Bay 5-star resort. Less expensive than Hilton or Sheraton.
4* Golden Palm Resort
Yalong Bay National Resort District, Sanya, Hainan Island; tel: 0898-8856998
Our opinion: Best Chinese-managed 4-star resort on Yalong Bay.
4* Holiday Inn Sanya Bay Resort
Sanya Bay Haipo Tourism Zone, Sanya, Hainan Island; tel: 0898-88339988
Our opinion: Consistently well-reviewed, offering good value for money.

4* New Era Hotel
99 Dongfeng West Road, Kunming; tel: 0871-3624999
Our opinion:
 Modern city centre superior hotel.
5* Regent Hotel
East Yu'er Road, Dali; tel: 0872-2666666
Our opinion: Modern hotel on the outskirts of old Dali offering the best upmarket option.
3* Landscape Hotel Character hotel
96 Yu'er Road, Dali; tel: 0872-266618
Our opinion: Modern hotel but built and furnished in traditional local style of the Bai people.

5* Crowne Plaza Hotel Lijiang Ancient Town 
276 Xianghe Road, Dayan Town, Lijiang; tel: 0888-5588888
Our opinion: New 5-star hotel in excellent location in heart of the old town.
5* Treasure Harbour International Hotel
Shangri-la Road, Lijiang; tel: 0888-3116688
Our opinion: Modern 5-star hotel on the outskirts of Lijiang.
4* Zen Garden Hotel (Wuyi Yard) Character hotel
6 Xingren Xia Duan, Wuyi Street, Lijiang; tel: 0888-5189799
Our opinion:Traditional Naxi courtyard style hotel overlooking the old town.
3* Dejuyuan Inn Character hotel
43 Xi Da Street, Pingyao; tel: 0354-5685266
Our opinion:19-room inn furnished in antique style in old courtyard within the city walls.
3* Changyifeng Inn Character hotel
102 Nan Da Street, Pingyao; tel: 0354-5680285
Our opinion:Larger inn of 44 rooms, in the heart of Pingyao, furnished in traditional style, including kang platform beds.
5* Banyan Tree Ringha Resort and Spa Character hotel
Hong Po Village, Jian Tang Town, Diqing; tel: 0887 828 8822
Our opinion:Deluxe resort created from traditional Tibetan-style farmhouses.
4* Gyalthang Dzong Character hotel
Diqing; tel: 0887 822 3646
Our opinion:Tibetan-style rooms in courtyard setting
4* Songtsam Retreat Character hotel
Songzhulin; tel: 0887 828 5555
Our opinion:Recently opened upmarket boutique hotel in the hills overlooking Songzhulin monastery

Sihe Hotel, Beijing
Crowne Plaza, Lijiang
Sofitel, Xi'an
Eton Hotel, Shanghai
Gyalthang Dzong, Zhongdian
Dejuyuan Inn, Pingyao
Sofitel Wanda, Chengdu
Landscape Hotel, Dali
Eton Hotel, Shanghai
Old Town Inn, Shanghai
Holiday Inn Sanya Bay, Sanya
Magnolia Inn, Yangshuo
Ramada Plaza Haihua, Hangzhou
Treasure Harbour, Lijiang
Astor House, Shanghai
Double Happiness Hotel, Beijing
Days Hotel Xinxing, Xi'an


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