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Tours by train

Four private tours using travel by train on China's extensive and excellent railway network. Massive investment in high-speed rail is creating an ever-growing network, including world's fastest commercial service between Wuhan and Guangzhou operating at top speeds of 350km per hour.

Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai by train
10 days - Visiting the three main centres of China with two overnight rail journeys.

China highlights by train
13 days - Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai and Guilin with three overnight rail journeys.

China rail explorer
14 days - Exploring the historical heartland of north and central China.

To Lhasa by train
16 days - Taking the 'roof of the world' train to Tibet on the recently completed line.

There are two classes on Chinese trains: 'soft' and 'hard', further divided into sleepers and seats.
Soft sleeper compartments are air-conditioned 4-berth cabins, with two upper berths and two lower berths, which convert into seats for daytime use. All bedding is provided. There is a table and usually a Thermos flask of hot water for making tea. Top level trains like 'Z' class trains often have individual television screens and power sockets for laptops and mobiles.
Some trains between major cities have deluxe 2-berth compartments with private toilets. Alternatively, for private use for two persons it is possible to purchase tickets for the other two berths to ensure private occupancy. Hard sleepers are open carriages with bays of six bunk-berth compartments.


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