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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wildlife park must take responsibility for tiger incident

(CRI) China Consumers Association (CCA) has said Beijing Badaling Wildlife World should be responsible for the death of a woman and injury of another, even if the visitors violated regulations, reported Workers' Daily on Sunday.

In July, one visitor died and another was injured by a tiger in the wildlife park. They both had stepped out of their private car and violated the park's rules.

Zhao Bin, a relative of the two women, asked for over 2 million yuan in compensation for his wife's death and daughter's injury. He said the park did not provide enough safety or come to their rescue when they were exposed to the tigers.

The park later responded by saying they had no responsibility for the accident but was willing to 15% of the requested amount, as "humanitarian compensation" to the victim's family.

The park claimed visitors are required to sign a safety agreement upon entrance. The agreement asks visitors to keep the car doors and windows shut, not throw food out of the car or leave the confines of the car.

Despite the agreement, CCA says that protecting the safety of individuals should be the prime responsibility of the park.

According to the law, warnings should be in place to remind visitors of potential danger and methods enabled to prevent such injuries and accidents from happening.

In addition, the park should adopt more effective protective measures, such as appropriate safety equipment in the car and ditches to prevent any animals from drawing too close. Any regulations that exempt the wildlife from taking responsibility are invalid.

Source: CRI

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