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Friday, October 7, 2016

Collapse of "Moon Gate" prompts debate on Great Wall protection

The recent collapse of the Great Wall's "Moon Gate" in Guangwu was caused by high winds, officials in northwest China's Shanxi province said.

They denied rumours that the historic attraction fell down because local villagers had been using their bricks for construction.

The incident has once again raised the issue of restoration work of the great wall.

A few weeks ago, concerns were raised after a 780 meter stretch of "wild", or original, wall in Liaoning dating to the 14th century was found to have been covered in white cement.

Many people complained the restoration work was ugly and made the attraction look like a city sidewalk.

The stretch in the wall that collapsed in Shanxi was also built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and served as a key historical and cultural reference when Beijing repaired its own sections.

In 2006, the Great Wall Protection Ordinance was passed by the State Council, China's Cabinet, to improve protection and strengthen regulation.Wu Guoq iang, secretary-general of the Great Wall Society of China said that after 10 years, however, many parts of the wall remain structurally compromised, especially in areas where tourists don't go.

A lack of detailed procedures and renovation standards were at the root of lackluster repairs, but these criteria take time to be established, and a special foundation for Great Wall protection should be established, he said.

Source: CRI

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