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Monday, August 24, 2015

Asia’s largest glass viewing platform to open soon

(People's Daily) Located on the top of a cliff 1,200 meters above sea level, the glass viewing platform of Tian-Sheng-San-Qiao in Wulong county of Chongqing stretches 11 meters from the edge of the cliff, with the length of 26 meters and vertical height of 280m from the bottom of the cliff.

Designed by more than 20 top-notch experts from home and abroad, the viewing platform is completely embedded in the palisades, with extremely safety factor. Visitors can see the natural landscape of Tian-Sheng-San-Qiao, with a depth of 280 meters from the bottom of the cliff.

At present, Tian-Sheng-San-Qiao glass viewing platform is at the stage of final installation and is expected to open to visitors on the National Day of this year.

Source: By Ruiqi Zhang (People's Daily Online) 

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